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My story

Like you, I once believed, "It won't happen to me; it can't be that challenging." But my own journey proved otherwise – it did occur, and it was far from easy. The impact on my confidence was profound, especially considering the lack of adequate support and information about this phase of life.

My mission

Now, I'm on a mission to empower women, just like you, to discover your unique needs and desires, and reclaim the unwavering confidence that menopause might have shaken. I'm here to help you become the best version of yourself, and help you make lifestyle changes that support your midlife goals.

My vision

A world where women are excited to experience this midlife transformation and emerge stronger and more empowered than ever before.

Embracing Menopause: They Can Do it - So Can You!

Join the empowering chorus of voices breaking the silence on menopause, including influential figures like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Tracy Ellis Ross, Nicole Kidman, Davina McCall, Julia Roberts, Liz Hurley, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, and Drew Barrymore, who have candidly shared their journeys.

Remember, menopause is a unique voyage for each of us. By openly sharing our experiences and embracing knowledge, we embark on a transformative journey that allows us to thrive during this life-changing phase. Yes, there might be some unexpected symptoms, but within these challenges, we also find countless opportunities for growth and empowerment. Together, we redefine what it means to embrace menopause and all the potential it holds.

Let's Navigate Your Midlife Transformation Together

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menopause coach for midlife transition & midlife transformation

Midlife Breakthrough: 6 Coaching Sessions

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menopause coach for midlife transition & midlife transformation

Midlife Transformation: 12 Coaching Sessions

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